About us

ABÍLIO FREIRE LDA. Production and Commercialization of Medical Devices Class I. Commercialization of Medical Devices Class IIa. Production and Commercialization of Textile Products Home & Baby.

Abílio Freire, Lda began its activity in 1957 working in a totally familiar regime.

By antecedent influences, it was directed to the textile branch in the area of production and distribution of Medical Devices of hospital consumption. In 1980, Abílio Freire, Lda., taking advantage of the experience acquired in the weaving of good quality fabrics, launched in the market a new product - Diapers for baby 100% Cotton.

Abílio Freire, Lda., with a view to satisfying customers with quality and promptness of their services, does not disappoint in the constant development of new products and the acquisition of new technological machinery.

MISSION: Present products in the market with quality complying with the regulatory requirements that are applicable to them.

VISION: Be a sustainable company, having as principles to fulfill the requirements of customers with a view to their satisfaction, taking into account criteria of credibility for the experience acquired over the years.

Among the products we develop we can highlight:

  • 100% cotton and bamboo diapers and blankets that have the main characteristics of softness and its antibacterial properties, for use in home textiles and babies.
  • Class I medical devices such as: cotton bandages and other materials for orthopedic use; Pieces of gauze and absorbent pads for exudates absorbing.
  • Class IIa medical devices such as: sterile and non-sterile swabs of non-woven and gauze of various sizes with and without with X-Ray detectable thread.

VALUES: Abílio Freire, Lda is governed by the following values:

- Ethic
- Transparency
- Integrity
- Confidentiality
- Responsibility
- Innovation and Initiative
- Cooperation
- Sustainability
- Social and Environmental Awareness

POLICY: Abílio Freire, Lda pursues a Quality Policy oriented towards the continuous improvement of its products and in the systematic pursuit of the excellence of its business in satisfying the requirements, needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders and Markets.

In order to comply with this Quality Policy, Abílio Freire, Lda undertakes to: - Produce and supply high quality products, complying strictly with regulatory requirements; - Satisfy the customer by complying with all the requirements of the orders; - Comply strictly with all environmental conditions and infrastructures that guarantee the conformity of the products; - Involve employees in the development of competencies and responsibilities as a way to guarantee product quality; - Promote and encourage the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.